What is ARCHIMEDICX and how can it help me?

ARCHIMEDICX is the first and only unbiased, evidence-based hospital rating site and search engine.  If you're planning an elective procedure or treatment, ARCHIMEDICX will help you find the hospital that best suits your needs, budget, and more, irrespective of the country it's in.


How does ARCHIMEDICX work?

It's really easy.  Simply fill in your procedure or condition in the homepage search box to instantly receive a list of leading recommended hospitals and clinical centers worldwide. Each hospital has a score on a scale of 1-5, which reflects its overall quality in the specific procedure or condition that you queried.  You can then narrow down your choices based on your needs and preferences, such as distance away from home, budget, waiting time, etc.  ARCHIMEDICX even enables you to contact your selected hospitals through this site, and to securely and privately send them your medical records in order to receive a price quote.


Does ARCHIMEDICX promote hospitals or clinics?

No. Our hospital rating system is based on objective, factual data from independent sources.  We are therefore indifferent to which hospital you choose for the treatment.  Our job is to help you make a more informed decision in choosing the best hospital or clinical center for your specific medical needs. 

Why can't I find a certain medical facility in the search results?

ARCHIMEDICX covers over 1000 leading hospitals worldwide that perform over 300 procedures that we analyze data for.  Furthermore, low ranking hospitals are not included in our search results since we're only interested in displaying qualified hospitals and clinical centers. Another reason may be that we have not yet signed an agreement with certain hospitals to provide international patient support. If you know of a good hospital that is not included in our database, drop us a line by clicking here and we'll look into it. 

Why can't I find my medical condition or procedure in the search?

ARCHIMEDICX covers over 300 elective procedures.  An elective procedure is one in which the patient has the privilege to choose the time or place for treatment, i.e. it's not an emergency that demands immediate care.  Furthermore, less serious conditions and procedures that do not justify traveling abroad in order to receive better treatment, or to save time and money, are also not covered in our search. 

Why is it important to know that I'm over 18 when filtering the search results?

There are different hospitals, doctors and practices for treating patients under the age of 18.  In order to refer you to the best and most relevant hospitals, we need to know whether you are an adult.  Rest assured that we respect our customers' privacy and make no use of the data other than providing the best customized search results possible.

Why do certain hospitals not have a Contact Hospital button?

We provide a Contact Hospital button for hospitals that we have an agreement with. This ensures that prospective patients get a response in a timely fashion and that the hospital is equipped to accept patients from abroad. 

Where does the name ARCHIMEDICX come from?

Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician, engineer and inventor who created the science of mechanics when he discovered the principle of the lever.  He is known to have said "Give me the place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the Earth". 

Much the same way, our mission is to aggregate and leverage the wealth of information available about hospitals and treatments, to create the world's first evidence-based hospital rating system based on procedure outcomes.  The end result is better, more affordable healthcare for patients worldwide. The name also reminds us of "medical archive", but that's sheer coincidence.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

Please feel free to contact us any time.  Our email is [email protected]

Search & Services

Will ARCHIMEDICX recommend the best hospital?

Not exactly.  ARCHIMEDICX will help you make a more informed decision. Besides the quality analysis factored into the ranking results, you may select any hospital based on your individual needs, preferences, budget and the like. Your health is a serious matter and ARCHIMEDICX provides you the information critical for selecting the hospital that best suits your needs.

Why do I need to register on

Creating an account is not mandatory.  You can search for hospitals without logging in.  However, if you want to use additional services such as contacting the hospital, transferring your medical records, saving selected hospitals or receiving a price quote, we must authenticate your contact details via registration.  But no worries, signing up is free and you can do so using your Facebook, Google+ or email address.

Is ARCHIMEDICX a medical tourism facilitator?

No.  But we do facilitate the process of finding and selecting the best hospital for your procedure or condition in question.

Why can't I contact certain hospitals that appear in the search results?

You can only contact the hospitals that have facilities to accommodate foreign patients and that have signed an agreement with ARCHIMEDICX.  We continuously add more qualified hospitals to our service.  If you have a specific hospital that you'd like to recommend, please click here to let us know.

I was already recommended a good hospital so why do I need ARCHIMEDICX?

Getting a second opinion is always wise, especially when it's free and comes from an unbiased and reliable source. Also, with so much information and so many medical facilities out there, even your doctor may find it complicated to choose the hospital is best for your specific needs and preferences. Only our proven methodology, based on evidence and real procedure outcomes, can provide consistently reliable recommendations.

How is the waiting time for a procedure or treatment determined?

We calculate and display last year's average waiting time for the procedure in question at the specific hospital.  The waiting time is updated periodically.

How many procedures/medical conditions does ARCHIMEDICX cover?

We currently analyze data for over 300 elective procedures. There are fewer conditions than there are procedures since different procedures can be recommended by different physicians for the same condition. 

In which countries can I find treatment?

We currently have up-to-date data on leading hospitals and clinical centers in 23 countries. However, this number keeps growing as we add new hospitals on an ongoing basis.

Will I be notified if a hospital replies to my inquiry?

When you receive a new message from the hospital, you will see a visible notification whenever you're logged in to ARCHIMEDICX. All correspondence with the hospital, including the transfer of your medical files, is done through a private and secure messaging channel.

Quality Score

Is the quality score general to a hospital or specific to a procedure?

When it comes to quality medical care, hospitals are not created equal. This is especially true when the many different treatments and procedures are taken into consideration.  A certain hospital may be excellent in treating a certain condition, yet may lag in another.  As a patient, you want to make sure you get treated in a hospital that is experienced and specializes in treating your condition.  For this reason, our quality score is specific to your procedure or condition in question.  ARCHIMEDICX is the first to provide such procedure-based search results.      


How is the hospital quality score determined?

The focus of our research is in identifying the key factors that have direct and indirect impact on the actual outcome of each procedure and treatment.  We developed the first evidence-based ranking algorithm that generates an unbiased hospital quality score for the specific procedure in question. Please refer to our Methodology section for more details. 

What factors go into consideration when determining the hospital quality score?

The quality score covers the entire scope of a hospital's performance in a specific procedure or treatment by analyzing five key factors:  activity volume, structure, process, research, and procedure/treatment outcome.  Each of the latter factors is subdivided into dozens of additional parameters. Millions of data points are used in the overall calculation of the quality score.  You can learn more on our Methodology page.

Has the quality score been tested and certified? How reliable is it?

All the factors used by ARCHIMEDICX are backed by worldwide academic researches, publications and reputed medical experts. The methodology and algorithm have been analyzed and approved by the European Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS Europe), an independent nonprofit organization focused on better health and care outcomes through information technology. HIMSS Europe certified that the quality score is based on reliable factors, yields trustworthy results and supports the intended guidance for patients.

Where does ARCHIMEDICX get its data from?

We use only independent data sources that are based on actual figures and procedure outcome results.  All the data is periodically updated when calculating the current hospital quality score.

Are all the hospitals in your directory accredited?

ARCHIMEDICX covers only accredited hospitals.  However, the hospitals may be accredited by different institutions, local or international, and usually by more than a single accrediting authority.

How reliable is the ARCHIMEDICX hospital quality score?

The reliability and objectivity of our methodology and algorithm was thoroughly tested and certified by the reputable HIMSS Europe.

Security & Privacy

Is it safe to transfer my medical records via ARCHIMEDICX?

Yes.  ARCHIMEDICX uses cutting-edge technology to protect your medical records.  The transfer of medical records is made through secure and private channels – not via email. 


Is my privacy protected if I register through Google+ or Facebook?

Yes.  We only use your Facebook, Google+ or email account in order to facilitate the authentication of your contact details.  Your registration and information is encrypted and won't be revealed on those accounts, or in any other place. Furthermore, ARCHIMEDICX complies with all the strict requirements of medical information handling stipulated by the HIPAA (USA) and by ISO in other parts of the world. 


Can I receive a cheaper price quote directly from the hospital?

The price quotes that you receive from hospitals through ARCHIMEDICX will be the same as the price quotes that you would receive if you were to contact the hospitals directly. 

Is the price displayed in the search results the exact price that I will be charged?

Not exactly. The price displayed in the ARCHIMEDICX search results is an indicative price that represents the average price for the specific procedure based on last year's prices. 

How do I transfer money to the hospital that I choose?

After the hospital receives your medical file, examines your case and sends a price quote, you will receive payment instructions with all the necessary details through ARCHIMEDICX. For your security, patient payments and transfers to hospitals are audited by KPMG Baltics SIA.

Can I cancel my procedure after I made the order?

In general, you may cancel your procedure before treatment at the hospital. However, the exact terms of the cancellation should be verified with the hospital you selected.

How is the price for a procedure or treatment determined?

Your medical file will be examined by the hospital's medical experts. They will assess your particular condition and will send you the estimated price.

Do hospitals pay to be listed in ARCHIMEDICX?

No.  We don't charge or accept a fee to be listed in our hospital directory. We also don't include hospitals that don't pass our quality standards.

How much does it cost to use ARCHIMEDICX?

Nothing.  ARCHIMEDICX is free of charge for prospective patients. However, if you are not a U.S citizen and seek medical treatment in a U.S, different rules apply.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.

How does ARCHIMEDICX make money?

The medical providers, hospitals and clinical centers, pay us a fee for each patient they receive through us. 

In case you choose to be treated in a U.S hospital and are not a U.S citizen, ARCHIMEDICX retains consideration for the services it renders through the site to you.

However, the price will not exceed the price that will be received directly from the hospital, as stipulated in the agreement between ARCHIMEDICX and the U.S hospital. 

In fact, thanks to our intervention, if you do not use a medical insurance policy, you may benefit from a discount on your quoted price. If you are not a U.S citizen and seek treatment in the U.S, please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Will my medical insurance cover the cost of my procedure or treatment?

If you have medical insurance that may be used in your selected hospital, then of course you are covered. We recommend that you check with your insurer.  

What types of payment are accepted?

You may pay via wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, as well as additional means of payment, which you will be informed of in advance. 


In general, no value-added tax will be charged for your medical treatment. In the case that it is applied, it will be incorporated in the cost estimation that you receive from the hospital.  In case you receive additional services by the hospital, which are not exempt from VAT, you will be informed of such charges in advance in the price quotation.

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