How we can help you grow your hospital

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    Increase Activity Level

    Receive a steady flow of targeted inquiries from patients seeking procedures and treatments that your hospital specializes in. Communication with inquiring patients is direct through secure channels, so patients feel at ease to send their medical records to receive a price quote.

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    Lower Financial Risk

    Take advantage of ARCHIMEDICX's reach of over 200 countries and territories. By diversifying the patient nationalities your hospital treats, revenue stream from medical tourism will become more stable year-round.

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    Reduce Vacancies

    ACHIMEDICX will help your hospital fill the gaps, whether due to seasonality, cancellations, or any other reason. Managing vacancies more efficiently has a direct impact on the hospital's bottom line since many of the expenses are fixed.

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    Improve Reputation

    The ARCHIMEDICX hospital ranking scale serves as a quality standard for patients seeking treatment worldwide. It can help your hospital boost its global standing and reputation, without incurring any additional expenses.

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